In the course of the past forty years, China has become the largest economy in the world outside of the United States. As a trailblazer in its own right, China is gaining social, economic and technological momentum that is shaping the world in ways unseen before.

We have been meeting our clients’ IP needs in China for the past twenty-five years through collaboration with China IP agents and law firms. In our pursuit to support our clients in China directly, we set up Shanghai Shou-Yu Intellectual Property Rights Services Co., Ltd., our first offshore trademark service office, in June 2016. To keep abreast of the most recent changes and trends in the commerce of Greater China, we selected Xinzhuang, a bustling hub for invention and innovation and a prime location for light industries, as our first destination in Shanghai.

Being at the interchange between the subway and the light rail systems in Shanghai, Xinzhuang also gives us easy access to our clients all over Shanghai, while the 30-minute hop from the Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railroad Station allows us to stay close to our clients in other parts of China.