Finding Solutions 50+ Years

Cross Border Practice

Inbound and outbound investment, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, banking, ship registration, aerospace and ship financing

General Commercial

Contracts, corporate governance, employment issues, real estate, insurance, maritime, public works, consumer protection, estate planning, product liability, tax, fair trade law

Intellectual Property Rights

Trademark, patent, copyright applications, invalidation and defense actions, technology transfer and licensing, litigation

Civil and Criminal Litigation

Commercial, maritime, labor dispute, family law, intellectual property rights and international arbitration

Embarking on our fifth decade of legal practice, we continue in our pursuit of providing our clients with services of the highest quality

In the nearly one-half century of our practice, we have consistently sought to provide top quality legal services to our clients, uphold justice and fulfill our social responsibilities. We have assisted victims of political persecution in Taiwan in obtaining relief and helped foreign companies protect their commercial interests. We have also facilitate the exchange between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits by providing scholarships needed by students from China to study at top notch legal institutions.

We participate regularly in international and cross-border conferences and seminars and keep abreast of world trends and recent legal and economic developments.

To leverage our intellectual property rights experience in Taiwan and make our services available on the ground to companies with operations in China, in 2016, we established Shanghai Shou-Yu Intellectual Property Rights Services Co., Ltd. in Shanghai.